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Love in the Time of Politics

Love and Politics in this corner of the world are two things that evoke very strong emotions and reactions. Here very few, if any, grow up without some kind of political ideology (often closely linked with religious dogma) and it becomes entrenched in the mind and part and parcel of the overall individual personality.

Here I am talking about hard core politics, not the kind you find in Western democracies where opposing parties are not necessarily bipolar in nature and ideology. This type of hard core political thinking tends to overshadow all aspects of a person’s life, and yes even a person’s love life.

Love in the romantic sense, is another very strong motivator for an individual, but is it enough to overcome political differences (on the individual level)?

What happens when love and politics clash in the lives of a couple? When their semi inherited ideologies come to a head with each other? What do you think wins: love or politics?

Today, on this Valentine’s day, and especially in this region, political fervor is at its most heightened state with revolution and uprisings and attacks and counter attacks and reactionary movements etc.. Emotions are high, nerves are strained and love is in hiding.  Only those who share the same political thinking are allowed to love each other, all others are destined to clandestine and strained situations.

All emotion is taken up for the ideology war against the others.  Sad times for Love in the time of politics.

Happy Valentine’s day.



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