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What If?

Revolution is a big word!! unfortunately it has been overused and abused.  True revolution is a total uprooting of the old ways of doing things in order to put in place new and different ways.  In order to uproot something and plant something in its place a lot of thought and planning is needed.  Thought and planning need proper environments in which to grow.

I argue that what is happening now in the Middle East (Arab countries) is not revolutionary.  It looks like revolution, it sounds like revolution, it smells like revolution, but what is happening is a reaction to oppressive regimes and monstrous tyrants (which is noble and commendable), but it ain’t revolution!  It remains at the reaction level; true revolutions should be on the active level.  These movements, however, IF not hijacked by theocratic thinkers and greedy tyrant wannabes, can lay the ground to the proper environments where thought and planning for real revolutions can take place.

The revolution I’m talking about is not a simple changing of the guard, but a fundamental change in the way people perceive power, rule, and ethics. In this region of the world, highly charged with ancient religious thinking and emotional masses, it’s going to be difficult to create the right environment for change, but it isn’t impossible.

What if the mere feeling of not being powerless and oppressed could last long enough for the people to regain their sense of trust in themselves?

What if the real engagement in open dialogues opens doors to newly found possibilities?

What if ….?




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