About ContraPolitica

It’s time to rethink the state of human organization as it has come to evolve, obviously something is not working right, and obviously sociopolitical thought has been stuck in some sort of box, building on theories and philosophies handed down from antiquity.  Basically it is a rethinking of the systems of power that govern our lives, contra politica.

This is an invitation to think outside the box about how we have come to organize ourselves in our human societies, and how things can be changed (or if they can be changed). Further, it is an attempt to build a model of how we may have progressed had we taken a different turn at one point in our progression from hunter gatherers to sedentary hierarchical organized groups.

An open mind is needed to contribute, what is meant by an open mind here is not necessarily one that is devoid of biases and prejudgments, no real mind is devoid of those.  What is meant is a mind that is tolerant of differences of opinion, and open to discussing ideas that may seem “strange” or “alien”.

All aspects of human behavior and all forms of human culture are open for discussion (including the arts, religion, political and social structures, etc…)



4 responses to “About ContraPolitica

  1. Kind of like scouts to the world ,when it comes to comprehending and appreciating new ideas..how do you balance being responsiblity and becomeing a witless pawn to”evil’. A bit out of my ball park I think. but Kudos to your blog for its’spirit.

  2. abdallah

    Something definitely went wrong. But that goes as far as the beginning. Human kind emerged as the ruler of the Earth with one huge handicap. Greed. As far as you can go back into the social organization of human beings and in all regions of the world, wanting more was the main objective of each element of a comunity. if you were not a worrior, you wanted to become one, if you were one, you wanted to become the best, if you were the best you wanted to become the chief, if you were the chief you wanted to control the next door tribe and so on… Today, nothing has changed, and no matter who you are or what your position is, all you look for is more power, more money, more luxury, more of everything. This goes from an element level to the community level, to the world level and it ended up by ruling our lives and relations on all aspects. If you think finance, humanitarian, economics, politics, even art, all is driven by greed.
    Is there a way to change human genes and create a new being with passion but without greed, with strength but without power, a being that would really be human?
    But then after all, who is to create this being? It has to be somebody or something without greed. Does it exist? Are we in a dead end? It looks pretty much so…

    • I don’t think we need to change human genetics, we are what we are, let’s just accept it. My main idea is to accept both sides of our humanity, the natural human is both good and evil, as is everything else in nature. I think accepting this can give us a good spring board to find systems that match our whole. I don’t think it’s a dead end, I really believe it’s a beginning.

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