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Welcome to the acronyms of the information overload era – welcome to abbreviated life so we can catch up on everything!

Social media and constant connectivity have given birth to many new terms, words, trends, afflictions, and syndromes…

YOLO: You Only Live Once became a very popular trend on social media, and it was followed by FOMO: Fear of Missing Out (quite naturally, since you only live once you will be afraid of missing out!)

HOWEVER, I see a bit of a contradiction:  If you want to follow the YOLO rules, you can’t be always thinking about what you are missing out on, especially since FOMO requires you to stay connected and in the know all the time – so no time to live?

ON THE OTHER HAND, if you are living in that virtual parallel universe most of the time, then you may have no problem!

I think FOMO will eventually develop into a real clinical phobia, unless people try to truly disconnect for extended periods of time (not an easy task, try being away from the net for 48 hours! Go ahead, I dare you.)  I will be the first to admit that since a friend mentioned the term to me, I have begun to suspect that I may be a victim of this syndrome. I had to convince myself that if YOLO, you need to disconnect, to miss out on things, in order to fully enjoy others (the moment if you want to call it that).

It is obvious now that we are never fully mindful of our moments, instead we always wonder about what is happening elsewhere.  This is because we have easy access to what is happening elsewhere, and really, that easy access can make us lose out on fully enjoying where we are and who we are with….

FOMO is a form of social anxiety — a compulsive concern that one might miss an opportunity for social interaction, a novel experience, profitable investment or other satisfying event.  This is especially associated with modern technologies such as smart phones and social networks.

YOLO  is an acronym for “you only live once”. Similar to carpe diem or memento mori, it implies that one should enjoy life, even if that entails taking risks.

don't live in fear!

don’t live in fear!






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Random Observations

These are just some random thoughts that go through my head, they were initially Facebook statuses.  Some are serious, some are fun, some are sarcastic- Some are in Arabic (with translation) well here they are:

Observation: What doesn’t kill you does not always make you stronger- sometimes it just doesn’t kill you, and sometimes it makes you weaker!

Observation: there’s no such thing as a day OFF – the only off-switch of the mind happens at the end of life’s journey (maybe)

Oh crap I’m a minority ??!!

Observation: No one can “complete” someone else (like the line in the movie: “you complete me”) What a significant other can do for you is simply to mend and fill the tares and gaps that life has inflicted on your completeness….

Lady at the ticket counter: Is Beirut your final destination? Me: Beirut will always be my final destination

Observation: once the nostalgia glasses have been removed, the past becomes less attractive and the future more appealing…

Observation: one day I squish the ant on the kitchen counter, one day I let it go – Life is random that way…

Observation: If you can’t reach a “Win, Win” solution, consider the alternative – which is often “lose, lose” ….

Observation: personal responsibility does not mean “it’s all my fault” it means that whoever’s fault it is, I am only responsible for my reactions, actions, and attitudes….

Resilience is healthy, but when resilience turns to apathy (يعني تمسحة) well it’s a definite sign of sickness… I’ll be the first to admit: I’m sick!

ملاحظة: الوحدة وحتى الوحشة أرحم من العلاقات البلهاء…(translation: solitude, even loneliness is better than insignificant relationships)

Observation: as soon as what you love becomes your job, you love it a lot less!

I am convinced that the saying “everything happens for a reason” is false within the random chaos of life… deal with whatever happens .. stop looking for the “reason”!

All you need is love……. and good health, and some money, and a roof over your head…

Best survival strategy: “DENIAL”

My version of hate speech: “Mosquitos suck”

My mind is clear but my house is a mess

Music is necessary… Good music is mandatory!

all this darkness is part of humanity… humanity has a dark side that comes out to breathe at different intervals in history… it is up to each individual human at these times to hold on to what he or she thinks is valuable and good… or to let his or her dark side come out to breathe too…

Yesterday a friend asked me: What are you gonna do with your future? I answered: I want to become an astronaut, or a firefighter, or a ballerina

I stay away from stating the obvious, and thus I am always misunderstood…

Observation: One cannot stop the seasons from changing… (that’s it)

Observation: Patience may be a virtue, but it’s also a weapon that cuts both ways…

Observation: It’s best to resist the temptation of digging up old photo albums!!

Observation: Don’t discuss Van Gogh with the color blind… (you can add your own variations to this)

Observation: Different colors have different rhythms

Observation: It is both funny and a bit scary when as a writer, with a tight deadline, you find yourself humming the song “words don’t come easy”…

ملاحظة: كم كانت الحياة أسهل لو استطعنا الاحتفاظ بالدروس والغاء الذكريات التي علمتنا تلك الدروس (Translation: Wouldn’t life be much easier if we only remembered the lessons and forgot the experiences that taught us those lessons?)

Observation: When people become desensitized to terrorism, is it still terrifying? (this is along the lines of ‘if a tree falls in a wood and no one is around does it make a sound?’)

Style observation: those black shorts with hose underneath that almost everyone is wearing should come with a disclaimer: “If over 35 wear at your own risk of looking utterly ridiculous”

Valentine’s observation: Red teddy bears would be really creepy in any other context

Observation: Contempt is more merciful than pity…

Observation: in those rare instances when logic and intellect cannot come to the rescue bake a gooey chocolate cake !

I love words but I dislike wordiness

Observation: Although we are aware of some distressing facts, seeing them written down and quantified tends to raise that awareness to panic… 

Observation: sarcasm is often misunderstood as wisdom!

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Online Activism Revisited

Liking isn't Helping!

Liking isn’t Helping!

Everyone is an activist for something these days, and those who really don’t have any of their own convictions can choose to conveniently latch on to any fashionable and trendy cause featured online ….. Start a page or a group or even a blog, start a petition, post a comment, hit like, start a discussion, upload a photo with a quote, etc… and hey you’re Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. all of a sudden? I know a couple of people activating for so many causes at the same time, that it’s getting confusing (if it’s confusing me, I can’t even imagine what it’s doing to the serial activist)…. It’s easy to vent through social media about revolution, rights, responsible citizenship, unethical treatment of animals, environmental crimes, etc… and I suppose it makes you feel like you actually did something for the greater good, but did you? Real activism is about commitment, about sacrifice, about risking life and limb for what you believe in, it’s not about hiding behind a screen and spewing often unsupported arguments. Come cure your sense of isolation and helplessness by liking a page, by adopting a virtual cause, by becoming part of this electronic community of faces and masks. Wake up virtual activists, they’ve found a way for you to vent your frustrations, that is well away from the arena where important decisions are made and where real action can make a difference!! I decided to reblog this piece because of a campaign a friend of mine showed me recently, have a look: Powerful message! Please do more than like!

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