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The Soundtracks of our Lives

I came up with this idea yesterday: if my life so far was a movie what would the soundtrack be?  So I started thinking of songs or music that played in the background of different times, the list was way too long!  Then I decided to take the exercise even further:  Chose only 10 to 20 tracks, and here’s what I came up with (keep in mind this is a soundtrack list, and not a list of favorite music).

I suggest you do the same, it’s a very enlightening experience, and if you do please share.

1.  Sakan al layl سكن الليل-فيروز

2.  Chateaux de sable- Joe Dassin

3.  Hezzi ya Nawa3em  هزي يا نواعم-عصام رجّي

4.  Stayin Alive-Bee Gees

5.  Rita- ريتا-مارسيل خليفة

6.  Nazl el sourour نزل السرور-زياد رحباني

7.  Heart break tonight- the Eagles

8.  Cashmere- Led Zepplin

9.  Saba7yet 7ad  صبحية حّد-راغب علامة

10.  7abibi keda-  حبيبي كده-جورج وسوف

11.  Love me two times- the Doors

12.  Sweet Dreams-Eurithmics

13.  Ba3dak 3ala bali  بعدك على بالي-فيروز

14.  2amarein قمرين-عمر دياب

15.  Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton

16.  Caramel 3aj2et Seyr  سكر يا بنات-من فيلم كاراميل

17.  Ya nassim al Ri7  يا نسيم الريح-مارسيل خليفة

18.  Pavane-Faure

19.  Love the way you lie- Eminem & Rihanna

20.  Habayebna hawalayna  حبايبنا حوالينا-زكي ناصيف



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Reflections on War: Seeking an Understanding of the Male Motivation (Part 2)

As I was stuck in traffic on this very hot day, my mind drifted to the  things I had read this morning; news, commentary, articles etc… Everything I read today had something about someone being killed and in different contexts.

Since my mind works visually, as I sat there in my air conditioned car, I saw the dead, I saw the killers and I saw the dead’s mothers, sisters, wives, lovers.  As usual, instead of getting caught up in the overwhelming emotional impact of it all, my mind kicked into analysis mode. Mostly I analyzed my visualizations of these events from a gender point of view!  Whether in wars, in political, ideological, and power struggles, it is the males of our species that are more prone to commit acts of violence and taking of life, and of course they are also more prone to being the victims of such violence.

Before moving on to my next thought, please no one misunderstand and interpret this to be blaming men for all the evils of the world, it isn’t! I’m a strong proponent of the male energy, but since I have been pondering the male motivation towards these types of acts for a while  the following occurred to me:

Males may be more susceptible or more likely to commit these acts of violence during conflicts because they have evolved from the hunter and from the tribal warrior, and their physiology (testosterone) predisposes them to it.  Another reason that crossed my mind, is that the male’s involvement in creating life (in our species) is purely a pleasurable experience, while for the females it also includes pain, diligence, and nurturing therefore making the female less likely to be inclined toward taking a life, even in times of conflict, where as I had said in part 1  “we tend to step out of the confines of the universal codes of human morality.”

Another thing I have noticed, and this has nothing to do with gender issues, is that there is an apathy towards these deaths as often happens in times of war… The dead become numbers, stripped of all their humanity, as are the killers…

Why do we abandon our humanity in times of conflict?  What is this madness that takes over us? Why does land, ideology, religion, power become more valuable than life???

link to part 1:

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The Tyrants of Tomorrow

The following is a note I posted on my Facebook page back in February:

Revolutions are basically struggles for power, and all revolts are born from a sense of oppression.

Under the banners of lofty ideology, thousands, and sometimes millions take to the streets to change the status quo.

Some die for those ideals…

A word to the wise, power has a way of swallowing ideology!

When the oppressed rise to power, and in order to maintain that power and their ideologies, they will need to oppress those in opposition.

Democracy in its pure form has not really existed historically, not anywhere.  It remains an elusive concept.

The Tyrants of tomorrow are somewhere in the streets, getting beaten up by the thugs of the tyrants of today.

Just a thought!


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If the Word is Mightier than the Sword, Do We Need Word Control?

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Voltaire

I saw this saying twice today, the first time on a poster in someone’s office, the second time on a friend’s status on Facebook.  I have always liked this saying, to me it epitomized the open and fair mind.

The world today is an open forum of ideas, almost anyone can publish and disseminate their point of view.  The new communication media has opened up the field for every Tom, Dick, and Harriet to speak their minds (this very blog for example). But you know what? I’ve been wondering lately how good of a thing that is!

Who receives all these views and opinions? The masses? Who are the masses, and can they discern credibility and or authenticity?I’m sure lots of people read critically, but lots don’t…

Here’s another quote by Voltaire (it’s on the home page of this blog):  “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”  I bring this up, because I see so much communication out there that is doing just that:  Making people believe utter nonsense “absurdities”…..

Objectively speaking, what may be absurd to me, may be a fundamental truth to another.  And the universal truths are still up for debate, as they always will be…

On the subjective side though, I can’t help but wonder about the harm that is being done by the publication of bogus and illogical ideas and ideals.

I confess that as of late I’ve been  inclined towards  the right to shut some people up!! I know the evils of censorship, I am not campaigning for that, but at the same time I have become increasingly intolerant of the idiotic rhetoric that has become daily food for the minds of the many… and I am a strong believer in the power of words…they are as potent as weapons.  We try to regulate the use of actual weapons in our world today don’t we?

Poisonous statements have reached epidemic proportions…It’s a dilemma, I’m stumped!!!

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An email from the Virgin Mary

Really, I just received an email from the Virgin Mary asking me to donate to a certain charity………
What more can I say??

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