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About Empowering Women?

Lots has been said lately about the empowerment of women, some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it simply silly…
Let’s look into this issue: Empowering=giving power to…
Granted,women in many places and societies and families seem quite powerless (key word in previous sentence seem).
In our modern systems the naturally occurring roles of the female have been marginalized, not because of the importance of the functionality of the roles, but because of the value systems that have emerged that tend to devalue that role.

To put it simply and in a real modern example: the role of woman as a housewife is not as highly valued as the role of woman as professional, even by other women. It is not that the function of housewife is any less important than that of professional, but we have through the years come to value one over the other in our collective way of thinking (which is mainly driven and shaped by mass media).

Conception of who is or is not empowered is based on a what is most valued.

If we want to really empower women, we need to rethink the value all their roles: those who come naturally and those that are the result of social evolution. To empower women is to recognize their realities, their natural gifts and their natural shortcomings. Mainly empowering women is about acceptance of their humanity in all its facets, it’s about each and every woman’s acceptance of her multiple realities, roles, emotions, and actions as  an unapologetic human being.
Additionally, empowering women does not mean demeaning and demonizing men…but that’s a topic for another day!


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