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Fundamentalist Extremists Don’t Bother Me!

At least fundamentalist extremists are clear about their dogma and about who they hate and what they worship.
What bothers me are those people who act moderate in their ideological or religious views, and then turn into radical monsters at the drop of a button, spewing all kinds of toxic talk. Those people not only bother me, but they scare me!! I know to stay away from the extremists, they are honest and visible and obvious, and they let you know they are coming to get you if you disagree with them, but the extremists at heart with moderate cloaks, well they will get you when you’re not looking!
I respect those who are honest enough with themselves to publicly announce their real convictions whatever they might be, yes, I respect the fundamentalist extremists, and I despise those who shift ideology or belief to fit the trend the day, and those who hide their true extremist colors also to fit the trend of the day.


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