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Five Short Love(?) Poems

master the elements

master the elements

When you love me

I control the elements

High Priestess…

The universe and I are one

I command:

“Rain!”…. it rains


All is within my power

The time of the sunset

The moonrise

The ebbs and flows of the tides

The direction that time flies

The blooming of the flower

My realm I rule with force and light

Taking no notice of the long night

I become sheer energy

I become you I become me

When you love me


After the Eruption

Boiling incessantly

Begging to leave the darkness

To see the light

To breathe….

Pushing upwards

Breaking the fragile coating

Of the ever protective skin

And finally existing

In the form of a slow

Steady, solidifying

Flow ………


You are beginning to bore me

I see the light in a new eye

The mystery the surprise

The promise the new polish

Beginnings are tempting

The sirens beckon with their songs

Recapture the magic!

For you I want to yearn


You are beginning to bore me….



A heavy load

On a mule’s back

Going uphill

In the midday sun

You have become!




The lights are dimmed

The night is fleeing

Towards the arms of dawn

The sun will rise in spite of you

To spite you and the night

Where is the light?

Resist temptation


Rise above


It is dawn

The lantern burns no more



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If Lebanon was a Person

If Lebanon the country of my birth and my chosen place of residence were a person it would be:

A bipolar poet…

A small person in stature but extremely beautiful and attractive at first sight.  If you stick around to know this person better you would discover that  she is much older than she actually looks (I always think of Lebanon as a ‘she’).  Behind her welcoming smile and the bright Mediterranean eyes there is an unstable personality.

Lebanon  is suntanned and hardy, but the well concealed lines of her face keep quiet secrets.

She hides her scars under impeccable designer clothing.

She has children but she hasn’t raised them well; they dislike each other, and have a love hate relationship with her.  They leave her and miss her charm and charisma, then come back to her and get aggravated with her moodiness and selfishness!

She has been suffering from an acute case of identity crisis since her birth.  One day she thinks she’s an Arab princess, the other she thinks she’s the concubine of a Sultan. Sometimes she sees herself as the mother of all knowledge, and other times she sees herself as the party girl.  This identity crisis often manifests itself in the form of a snobbish attitude and an acute superiority complex…

Lebanon the person is too generous with her gifts to others; she wants to be liked and loved to satisfy her narcissistic tendencies.

Lebanon the person is as lovable as Lebanon the country.  In spite of all her madness, her flaws, and her faults, she still holds a spell over those who meet her.  She is a sorceress of sorts, a changeling muse, and I for one, can’t live without her!


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