“I Stopped and Smelled the Flowers”

It’s been a hectic day, a hectic week, a hectic month, it’s been a hectic life!! Today as I ran around to get things done, running to my car with a laptop, a handbag, a shoe change, etc.. I passed by a beautiful rose-bush and thought of the proverb “you should stop and smell the flowers”, so I did just that!

I stopped put all my baggage down on the floor, stood there for a minute admiring the beautiful flowers, and even came close to smell the real proverbial flowers.  Yes they were lovely, and yes the scent was sweet, but to be quite honest: It did nothing for me…

So I picked up my bags and hurried back to my car, knowing that I thrive on this pace….I guess stopping and smelling the flowers is overrated after all.


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